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Telstra's 3G network is closing 31 August 2024. Text '3" to 3498 to check if your device is impacted. For more information click here

Mobile Network Coverage

Konec Mobile uses the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network so you can stay in the loop with over 25 million Aussies.

Check out coverage in your area with our interactive map.

Network Coverage Checker

More Info on Our Network

Konec Mobile uses the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network.

Download speeds are capped at 100Mbps on 4G and 5G.

This is the maximum potential download speed. Typical speeds may often be slower and will vary due to factors such as location, device capabilities, distance from the base station, local conditions, concurrent users, hardware and software configuration and download/upload destination.

Typical download speeds are

4G: 5Mbps – 100Mbps

5G: 10Mbps – 100Mbps

Typical upload speeds on 4G and 5G are 1 to 40 Mbps.