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imoo Z1 Kid's Smart Watch Bamboo Green with Konec 180 Day Wearable Plan

Grab an imoo Z1 4G Kid’s Smart Watch and a $60 Konec Wearable SIM. Save $64.99. Based on RRP 1/10/2023.

$60 SIM includes 12GB data for 180 days.

2MP front camera, daily step goal, imoo app included.

Parents Control - Ensure that children are only able to use the Watch Phone at specified times chosen by the parent through mobile APP.

IPX8 Water Resistance - With specially selected water-resistant materials, imoo Watch enables kids to enjoy fun, playing with water.

Long-stand Battery - imoo Watch Phone has longer battery life under the same battery weight & volume category. Long standby keeps connection long-lasting.

Accurate Locating - imoo Watch Phone with real-time locating and navigate to child’s location, allowing parents let them go with more confidence.

Class Mode - Parents can define class period and selectively enable or disable it, ensuring 0% distraction and 100% concentration.

Connect With Approved Contact - Set a pre-approved contact list, so kids can call parents, or anyone else. You can lock the phone to only these contacts.

Safety Zone - Set up a safety zone in the APP with WiFi. If the kids leave the safe zone, parents will receive an automatically message.

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Receive a standard plastic SIM card in the post within 7 working days.

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