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Telstra's 3G network is closing 31 August 2024. Text '3" to 3498 to check if your device is impacted. For more information click here

What is 5G?

The latest generation of mobile technology is here! And it's taking speed to a whole new level. Think downloads in seconds, not minutes. Gaming in real-time, and better connections.

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Why you'll love 5G


Connected on 5G means lower latency. Or in other words, it takes less time for your phone to send an action and get a response. Get an edge to stay ahead of the game!

streaming and video calling

Better streaming and video calling

A 5G connection means less buffering and awkward pauses, and more real-time conversations.

stay connected

Stay connected in crowds

With increased network capacity, operating on 5G will help you stay online in large crowds.
Check if you can get 5G in your area with our interactive coverage map.

Check My Eligibility

To be eligible, you need to have 5G compatible device.